The MDS andFlorio picks for the week of September 23-25.

Images from Getty Images We had a rough week last week. Was it beneficial to anyone who chooses games? Strange outcomes peppered the 16-game schedule. A 3-0 run in the final prime-time games lifted me above.500, to 8-8. MDS came in at 7-9. I’m 17-14-1 on the season. MDS is 14-17-1. We disagreed on five games again this week. Scroll down to see all of the options. Browns (+4.5) at Steelers MDS’s perspective: The Steelers’ defense is missing T.J. Watt, and their offense is mediocre. With a solid home win, the Browns bounce back from last week’s shocking loss. MDS’ selection: Browns 24, Steelers 13. Florio’s point of view: After two games, who has a players-only meeting? Apparently, the Browns. It may be too much to expect the Browns to put the missed opportunity against the Jets behind them on such a short week. Steelers 20, Browns 14 is Florio’s prediction. Bears (+3) at Texans MDS’s take: The Texans have looked better than I expected, while the Bears appear to have lost faith in Justin Fields and are calling plays to avoid forcing him to do much. In an upset, I like the Texans. MDS’ prediction: Texans 17, Bears 14. Florio’s take: The Bears fought the Packers harder than most expected, and the final score was misleading. The Texans’ ability to tie the Colts looked bleak after the Colts were embarrassed by the Jaguars. Florio’s prediction: Bears 17, Texans 17. 13.Titans (-2) at Raiders MDS’s take: The Titans are this year’s biggest disappointment, a No. 1 seed from last year that appears to be rebuilding. The Raiders record their first victory of the season. MDS’ prediction: Raiders 23, Titans 20. Florio’s analysis: How heavily are the Raiders favored in this game? At home, they blew a 20-point lead. And it was the Bills who were blown out on Monday night, not the Titans. In a matchup of two 0-2 teams, one with a new regime and one without, I’ll take the one without. Titans 24, Raiders 20 is Florio’s prediction. Colts (-6.5) at Chiefs MDS’s take: The Colts are currently in disarray. I don’t see them even keeping it close against the Chiefs. MDS’ prediction: Chiefs 31, Colts 10. Florio’s perspective: The Chiefs once blew a huge lead in a playoff game in Indianapolis. That will never happen again. Florio’s pick is the Chiefs 41, the Colts 17. Dolphins (-5.5) at Bills MDS’s take: The Bills have dominated the competition for two weeks in a row, and they’ll keep it up against a Miami team that is 2-0 but not in the same league as Buffalo. MDS’ prediction: Bills 28, Dolphins 17. Florio’s analysis: The Buffalo defense should be better equipped to stop the Miami offense than the Miami defense will be of the Buffalo offense. Bills 38, Dolphins 31 is Florio’s prediction. Vikings (+6) at Lions MDS’s prediction: The Lions’ offense is stronger than most people believe, but their secondary will struggle against Justin Jefferson, and the Vikings will win by a narrow margin. MDS’ prediction: Vikings 35, Lions 31. Florio’s take: This has evolved into a sneaky great rivalry, with two barnburners in 2021. At home, the Vikings should be able to win. Regardless of who wins, the final score should be close enough for the Lion to cover. Vikings 27, Lions 24 is Florio’s prediction. Patriots (-3) at Ravens MDS’s prediction: Lamar Jackson is playing some of his best football right now, and he’ll easily win in New England. MDS’ selection: Ravens 31, Patriots 20. Florio’s take: If Baltimore can reclaim J.K. Dobbins, the offense will benefit greatly. Except for Lamar Jackson, no one on the Ravens can generate significant rushing yards. Meanwhile, New England’s offense remains a work in progress. Florio’s prediction: Ravens 24, Patriots 14. Jets (-4.5) at Bengals MDS’s prediction: After a shaky start, the Bengals will finally get on the board with a high-scoring victory over an inept Jets defense. MDS’ prediction: Bengals 38, Jets 27. The Bengals are desperate, according to Florio. The fact that they were defeated by the Jets last year makes it less likely that they will underestimate the Jets this year. Florio’s prediction: Bengals 31, Jets 24. Eagles (-6.5) vs. Commanders MDS’s take: Jalen Hurts vs. Carson Wentz should be an entertaining matchup, and I expect Hurts to come out on top and demonstrate why the Eagles were wise to make him their franchise quarterback. Eagles 28, Commanders 20 (according to MDS). Florio’s take: The Eagles appear to be a team of destiny. That’s not how the Commanders have looked in more than 30 years. Florio’s prediction is Eagles 31, Commanders 17. Panthers (-3) at Saints MDS’s take: Matt Rhule’s Panthers rebuild has stalled, and he’s running out of time to turn things around. Saints 17, Panthers 10 (according to MDS). Florio’s prediction: Matt Rhule may not make it to the end of the season if he doesn’t win this one. (He might not make it in any case.) Panthers 23, Saints 20 is Florio’s prediction. Chargers (+7) at Jaguars MDS’s prediction: The Jaguars have played well under new coach Doug Pederson, and an upset here wouldn’t surprise me, but I believe they’ll fall just short against Justin Herbert and a strong Chargers offense. Chargers 28, Jaguars 27 (according to MDS). Florio’s opinion: The Jaguars are on the rise. They’re good enough to keep it close and possibly win it. Chargers 24, Jaguars 20 is Florio’s prediction. Cardinals (-3.5) at Rams MDS’s take: The NFC West appears to be wide open right now, but I expect the Rams to make a statement that they are still the best team in the division in this big game. MDS’ prediction: Rams 30, Cardinals 17. Florio’s take: Kyler Murray appears to be a different player when he has mobility and is allowed to use it. He wasn’t feeling well during the playoff game against the Rams. He is now. #LetKylerCook. Cardinals 30, Rams 23 is Florio’s prediction. Seahawks (+2) at Falcons MDS’s take: I don’t have high hopes for the Seahawks this season, but I see them going 2-1 against an outmatched Falcons squad. Seahawks 24, Falcons 20 is MDS’ prediction. Florio’s take: Seattle isn’t a great team, but they can beat the Falcons at home. If not, Drew Lock’s time will come. Florio’s prediction: Falcons 17, Seahawks 14. Buccaneers (+1.5) at Packers MDS’s prediction: The Buccaneers’ defense has been outstanding this season and will perform admirably against Aaron Rodgers in what should be a close and low-scoring game. Buccaneers 17, Packers 16 (according to MDS). Florio’s take: The Buccaneers are evolving into a team that prefers to run the ball and play defense. Whatever it takes to succeed. And it will be sufficient to win on Sunday. Buccaneers 23, Packers 20 is Florio’s prediction. Broncos (-1.5) at 49ers MDS’s take: Jimmy Garoppolo is a better quarterback than Trey Lance, which means the 49ers have a better chance of winning in the short term, despite how unfortunate Lance’s injury was for the 49ers’ long-term plans. They’ll win a close game against Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos. MDS’ prediction: 49ers 24, Broncos 20. Florio’s take: There’s something wrong with this line. The Broncos are mired in the complexities of play calling. The 49ers have an outstanding roster. Now that the quarterback situation has been resolved, the 49ers should start to thrive. Florio predicts a 49ers-Broncos victory. Giants (+2.5) at Cowboys MDS’s take: The Giants are 2-0, but it’s about as unimpressive a 2-0 as you can get. Yes, the Cowboys are missing Dak Prescott, but Cooper Rush has shown that he can fill in admirably. I’m surprised the Giants are considered favorites. MDS’ prediction: Cowboys 28, Giants 20. Florio’s prediction: Some 0-2 teams will win. Some 2-0 teams will lose. The Giants are due to lose, and the Cowboys, led by Cooper Rush, are capable of winning. Cowboys 21, Giants 17. Florio’s prediction: Cowboys 21, Giants 17.