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Updates on American Finances: SNAP Benefits, Inflation Payments, Gas Prices…


26/09/2022 12:41 CEST

Good morning, and welcome to the latest MARCA In English financial news live blog, where we detail all of the latest benefits news and money-saving tips in the United States. We offer these tips every day, including weekends, so let’s get started with our Monday, September 26 edition.
On this page, we’ll post updates on a variety of topics, such as how to save money on things like grocery shopping, gas prices, and money-making ideas.
This can be accomplished through stimulus checks, which are still being distributed in some states under the guise of direct payments.
There will be information on all of these benefit schemes and more to help you finish September with more of your hard-earned money in your own pockets.
Monday, September 26th, American Finances Updates: The latest money-saving tips and benefits news
As we always do in these MARCA In English financial news blogs, we’ll outline all the benefits programs worth knowing about in the USA, explaining what they’re called, who is eligible and how to apply.
As previously stated, this may include stimulus checks in some areas of the country. Although they are no longer provided by the federal government, stimulus payments are still available at the state level, depending on where you live and the current policies of your state government.
We’ll also cover more general money-saving tips that are important to know, especially in this time of extreme inflation.
Gas prices are still high and rising, so keep in mind that you can pay a little less at the pumps if you shop around a little, and we’ll help you with that.
All of this and more will be brought up on this Monday’s American financial news live blog, so follow along with us over the course of the day and the rest of the weekend.