NFL News and Rumors from the Senior Bowl

-The Cardinals’ search for a new head coach is moving slowly.

Why is it taking so long to find a new head coach for the Arizona Cardinals? If you believe what people in Mobile are saying, it’s because of Kyler Murray — and not because the quarterback has a lot to do with it.
Rather, many of the desired candidates are unwilling to take the job knowing they will be tethered to Murray’s hip for the next four seasons. Murray signed a five-year, $230 million contract with the Cardinals in late August, and anyone who takes the job will have no quarterback options in the near future.

-DT Scouts are taking notice of Keeanu Benton.

For the past two days, scouts have been raving about Keeanu Benton. The former Wisconsin defensive tackle has been unstoppable for the most part, consistently beating opponents and penetrating the line of scrimmage.
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Last season, Benton came in with high expectations but disappointed many scouts. So, what exactly happened? According to those in the scouting circle, the Wisconsin scheme asked Benton to fill gaps rather than make plays. He’s being allowed to make plays in Mobile, which is helping his draft stock.

-Will Elijah Higgins be a tight end or wide receiver in the NFL?

Elijah Higgins, despite playing receiver at Stanford, has been on my tight end radar since August. Higgins, who measured 6-feet-2.5-inches and 228 pounds on Monday, has only played receiver the past two days at Senior Bowl practice.
Nonetheless, Higgins has admitted that most of the teams here have approached him about moving to tight end. On Sunday, Higgins stated that the majority of teams see him as a move tight end (F tight end, if you will).

-Is There More Change Ahead in the Mile High City?

Sean Payton has been hired in Denver, and the new ownership group will now look to reset after the Broncos’ less-than-stellar 2022 season. General manager George Paton was retained by the new ownership but given less power in the coaching search.
Two league sources who spoke with Pro Football Network wonder how patient new ownership will be with Paton. In fact, another source, this time from Denver, agreed that Paton’s job might be jeopardized now that Payton is the head coach.
According to a source here at the Senior Bowl, the Denver Broncos traded three first-round picks, three second-round picks, and agreed to contracts worth more than $340 million for two players — Russell Wilson and Sean Payton — in just over ten months.

-Is Jaxson Smith-Njiba Ready for the Scouting Combine?

Jaxson Smith-Njiba’s hamstring is healthy for the first time since September. Smith-Njiba suffered a hamstring injury in Ohio State’s season opener against Notre Dame. He attempted to play with the injury for the next few weeks but struggled to move.
Smith-Njiba expects to work out at the Combine if the situation continues to improve.

-Warren McClendon Jr. A Happy Ending at the Senior Bowl

Scouts are amazed and applauding Warren McClendon Jr.’s participation in the Senior Bowl. The gifted Georgia tackle weighed 290 pounds. That’s a little light, but scouts don’t mind.
McClendon narrowly avoided the car accident that killed his teammate Devin Wilock, who also happened to be McClendon’s roommate. Chandler LeCroy, a member of the Georgia football staff, was also killed in the accident.
To honor his former teammate and roommate, McClendon is wearing jersey number 77. Wilock wore number 77 at Georgia. At the Combine, McClendon should weigh more than 300 pounds.