He’s one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play football, but if you ask one of the most notable linebackers to go up against Brady during his career, the Buccaneers star was never the league’s most feared QB as long as former Colts and Broncos great Peyton Manning was around.

Tom Brady is clearly one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, and at 45, he is perhaps the finest quarterback in the league now. However, according to one of the most well-known linebackers who faced Brady during his career, the Buccaneers quarterback was never the league’s most feared quarterback as long as former Colts and Broncos great Peyton Manning was there.

Former Jets and Ravens All-Pro linebacker Bart Scott spoke with ESPN Radio last week, insisting that it was Manning, not Brady, who kept defenders awake at night while both QBs ruled the AFC.

“Every day of the week, I’d rather go up against Tom Brady than Peyton Manning,” Scott remarked. “That, I assume, is how everyone feels. ‘I’m so frightened of Tom Brady,’ you’d never hear guys say back in the day. … Peyton Manning instills a different level of worry in you. You know how you sleep at night and think to yourself, ‘Damn.’ It was more about Bill Belichick, the entire squad, execution, and having a game plan with Tom Brady.”

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In other words, the true issue throughout Brady’s time with the Patriots, according to Scott, was the Patriots themselves, whereas Manning was always the center of attention in Indianapolis.

Scott remarked, “Peyton Manning… made my brain hurt.” “You feel compelled to take a SAT test (in order to prepare for him).”

Scott didn’t say whether the post-Patriots Brady is held in the same regard. Brady, of course, has had plenty of success removed from Belichick and the New England system, winning Super Bowl MVP in his first year with the Buccaneers and posting career numbers under center in 2021.