Bruce Springsteen fans face $5,000 tickets – and a ‘crisis of faith’ – as Springsteen tour hits peak price

The Washington Post Fans of Bruce Springsteen are facing $5,000 tickets and a “crisis of faith.” Susan Avery, a longtime Bruce Springsteen fan, raised her daughter to believe the Boss was the one rock star who could do no wrong. “He doesn’t tear up hotel rooms,” says Avery, a Springsteen fan since the 1970s who has seen every tour for decades. “He doesn’t go on drug binges. He’s just a really solid, wonderful person.” Tickets for Springsteen’s first run of US shows with the E Street Band in six years went on sale in late July. Avery, like tens of thousands of others, went online. The Associated Press (AP) The Michigan Republican Party cancels an election watch party after receiving a threat. The Michigan Republican Party said it canceled a Tuesday evening primary watch party in Lansing after a man threatened to shoot up and burn down the party’s headquarters. Lansing police said officers went to the building Tuesday morning in response to a complaint about a threat, but the alleged threat maker was not present. Officers will pay special attention to that area, according to Jordan Gulkis, a police spokeswoman. The Associated Press (AP) Two top House Democrats have refused to say whether Biden should run in 2024. Two powerful New York House Democrats declined to say Tuesday whether President Joe Biden should run for re-election in 2024. When asked in a televised debate whether Biden should seek a second term, Reps. Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney, two of the party’s establishment liberals who chair powerful committees and are running for a Manhattan-area House seat, shied away from supporting the president. NextSharkA Filipino American MMA fighter defeats a man accused of six separate unprovoked attacks in New York City. After witnessing an unprovoked attack on another man in New York City, a Filipino American mixed martial artist reportedly stopped the attacker. According to reports, Ro Malabanan, a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, was on his way to work on July 27 when he witnessed a homeless man, later identified as 28-year-old Samuel Frazier, sucker-punch a construction worker in SoHo. Witnesses told Malabanan that Frazier had previously attacked other men before the construction worker, prompting the mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter to pursue him. Reuters The Kremlin says tensions over Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan “should not be underestimated.” In response to a question about whether the world was getting closer to war, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that he was opposed to using the word “war,” but emphasized that the visit was a “provocation.” In light of the visit, he added, no additional contacts between President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping were planned. Pelosi’s arrival in Taiwan on Tuesday elicited an angry response from Beijing, at a time when international tensions were already high due to the conflict in Ukraine. Reuters Pro-Trump activists deluge election officials with voluminous records requests. Pro-Trump operatives are flooding local officials with public-records requests to seek evidence for the former president’s false stolen-election claims and to gather intelligence on voting machines and voters, adding to the chaos rocking the U.S. election system. The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office in Arizona, a key election state, has received 498 public records requests this year, 130 more than the previous year. Officials in Washoe County, Nevada, have fielded 88 public records requests, two-thirds more than in all of 2021. The Associated Press (AP) Ahmaud Arbery pursuer seeks leniency in hate crimes sentence The white man who initiated the neighborhood chase that resulted in the fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery is asking a federal judge to show leniency when he’s sentenced next week for a federal hate crime conviction. While Greg McMichael deserves “a substantial period of incarceration,” his defense attorney said in a legal filing, he should be spared a life sentence — though he has already been sentenced to life without parole on a separate murder conviction. McMichael also wants the judge to transfer him to a federal prison so that he avoids serving time for Arbery’s murder in Georgia’s state prison system, which can’t ensure his safety from attacks by other inmates, the lawyer said.